Whole Energy Systems Methodology Request for Proposal - Online Partnering 

The Energy Systems Catapult is procuring a package of professional services / systems engineering and consultancy work whose output will assist stakeholders within the energy community to make better informed strategic, policy, investment and operational decisions.

Request for Proposal

The Energy Systems Catapult has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify suppliers for a package of work to propose the philosophy, principles and broad methodologies through which the energy community can better map out transition pathways towards key milestones in the future of the energy sector.

Collaboration Opportunity

The Energy Systems Catapult believes the challenge laid down in the RFP contains many aspects ranging from technical issues (such as energy model assumptions) through to ‘soft’ issues of trust and presentation of complex information to aid end-user comprehension. We therefore anticipate that the best responses are likely to come from a group of organisations with diverse skills working together.

To encourage collaboration between many different disciplines and organisation types (especially linking innovative SMEs with larger energy sector specialists) the KTN is hosting this collaboration building site. 


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powerpoint show (ppsx)Use of this website
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Step Two: Search & Make Contact

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